Preparation tips At BioHelp Diagnostics & Healthcare

For your convenience, we have prepared some advice on how to prepare for tests at our centre:.

BEFORE YOUR BLOOD TEST: There are few things to keep in mind before you get ready for your blood test.

  • - To check certain parameters, it is required to take the test when you are fasting and on the other hand, other parameters demand you to have eaten something before you take the test. So, it is mandatory to have the knowledge of the same beforehand.
  • - If you are on medication, you need to consult your doctor because the results can alter because of it.
  • - Keep yourself hydrated; this eases the process of drawing blood.
  • - Keep yourself stress free. Your anxiety level, fear, stress or any such thing can affect the result. Prepare yourself mentally for the test. If in case you are not feeling well, you need to consult your doctor before the test.


  • - The process doesn’t take long but sometimes, the drawer can find it difficult to locate your vein. Be patient and have trust on the person and his skills.
  • - During the process, it is normal if you are feeling dizzy. You just need to relax and tell the drawer about your feeling. They are trained to handle the situation. They may ask you to have some juice or offer other things to make you feel good. You can always ask for the doctor’s help as well.
  • - Carefully listen the instructions of the drawer. Relax for sometime after the process is complete. Your body needs time to regenerate the blood lost in the process.


  • - It is very important to relax for a while after your blood test.
  • - Eat iron rich food as it helps with haemoglobin.
  • - If you are feeling pain, bruise or swelling at the site where the needle was inserted, apply ice over it and if the problem persists, contact your doctor.
  • - Wait for the results and when you have them, consult your doctor before you start to diagnose them on your own over internet.


  • - You need to be very careful while choosing the right place for the same. Our recommendation would be to contact us and we’ll arrange the drawer at the comfort of your own home. You just need to contact us on (+91)9899811161 to fix the appointment as per your own convenience.